Lake Ouachita State Park, AR

OK. This IS a wedding photography blog but we do love to talk about the adventures we encounter. The next blog will be about our latest engagement session. Cool! Now, about our adventures on Lake Ouachita (pronounced wosh-i-taw).


We’ll keep this post short. Share a few pics & stories.



There is one story that really stands out. Racing the storm.

On day three we rented three tandem kayaks. Each of us had one of the boys. My sister-in-law was with us. The trip out was probably one of the most pleasant experiences ever. We made a few stops on the opposite shore looking for a place to swim. We found a nice place about a half mile from the marina (picture below). We disembarked, broke out a lunch and began to enjoy. It was GREAT! That’s when it happened. Thunder. We wrote the sound off to some baby boomer on his Harley. Ha! Denial! Strait across the lake… in the direction of the marina, the storm approached. And with thunders best friend, lightning! Wow. You have to understand, it took us the better part of an hour to get where we were. We were newbies on kayaks! What added to our since of panic wasn’t just the fact we might be caught in the middle of a lake, ON KAYAKS!!, in a thunderstorm with lightning dropping all over the place. Our tent was uncovered. Who in the world wants a wet sleeping bag? So, we raced the storm. It took 20 minutes & two big blisters to get across the lake, in a head wind to boot! It was a miracle. My oldest was sitting up front dragging his hand in the water during the race, I was like dude! It’s absolute bliss to be a kid. We made it. With about 15 minutes to spare. That with God’s help. So we packed up and went on an excursion to the Blakely Mountain Dam.

Following are a few pictures. Enjoy!

Camping is never complete…

I wonder what the joke was?

Again, if you do not get out. Consider it.

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