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Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

The adventure continues. Blogging this because I love it.


We fully planned on being up before sunrise the first day at Big Sandy. Didn’t happen. Really stiff. Everyone did eventually roll out of their tents. We ate breakfast and planned the day. Strait up to the Cirque. Half of us planned on staying up and exploring that area. I wish I had stayed… but there are no real regrets. Just being there was amazing.

Rested & fed… We’re off!

Schiestler Peak.

You can see the pass here. From Big Sandy to North Lake. North Lake absolutely rocked. The sign had seen better years. Adds to the coolness.

Another photo of Schiestler Peak. You can click on these for larger images.

Along Jackass Pass.

The initial climb was mostly worn trail. Easy. Then the trail became, well, disappeared.

Being there is no visible trail with large rocks and boulders everywhere you have too watch for cairns, or trail markers. I had no idea what they were at first. Just thought some hikers had a lot of time on their hands. #cityboy

Anyways, it got a lot harder. Climb, hop, stretch. My Salomon boots were absolute winners.

I don’t know what flowers there were but they were everywhere. Really, this was the second week of August and it looked and felt like spring.

The “trail” then got rough. It went on like this for some time. Until we hit North Lake.

A big blessing was the permanent snow. I don’t think it ever totally melts away. I could hear running water beneath it which had an immediate effect on how I walked. Gingerly is the word.

This is where it got really cool. Lots of tiny Christmas Trees. We were nearing the timberline. My heart rate never dropped below 200. I am sure. It was all fresh & clear up there.

The following picture is I believe War Bonnet Peak.

We arrived at Arrowhead Lake which is just before the climb of death. (my name for it… about a 400 ft climb at about a 45 degree incline. Serious cardio.) Here we mapped our direction, drank water, and rested a moment. You can’t drink while gasping for air.

The lake was beautiful & desolate. Surrounded by rock & snow.

Again, the snow was so cool.

Arrowhead Lake.

We began a serious ascent to the pass. It started just after Arrowhead Lake.

Bryan & I stopped more than once on the way up. It was brutal.

The reward was so worth the effort. Below is the Cirque of the Towers and Lonesome Lake. I had no idea at the time. Just on the other side of the Cirque are maybe 5 other lakes. It just goes on & on.

Saved for the visit. My wife snuck this into my boot before I flew out. :)

I could have stayed there all day.

Doug, Bryan, & I stayed for about thirty minutes and began our descent to Big Sandy. We would have stayed longer but were concerned about losing daylight.

I’ll leave with that. I thought I could blog the entire trip but there will be a third post on Wyoming.

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Have to quote this again:

Before the mountains were born
or you brought forth the earth and the world,
from everlasting to everlasting you are God.

Psalm 90:2

Big Sandy Lake

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

These were taken our last full day in the Bridger Wilderness.

Lake Ouachita State Park, AR

Monday, July 18th, 2011

OK. This IS a wedding photography blog but we do love to talk about the adventures we encounter. The next blog will be about our latest engagement session. Cool! Now, about our adventures on Lake Ouachita (pronounced wosh-i-taw).


We’ll keep this post short. Share a few pics & stories.



There is one story that really stands out. Racing the storm.

On day three we rented three tandem kayaks. Each of us had one of the boys. My sister-in-law was with us. The trip out was probably one of the most pleasant experiences ever. We made a few stops on the opposite shore looking for a place to swim. We found a nice place about a half mile from the marina (picture below). We disembarked, broke out a lunch and began to enjoy. It was GREAT! That’s when it happened. Thunder. We wrote the sound off to some baby boomer on his Harley. Ha! Denial! Strait across the lake… in the direction of the marina, the storm approached. And with thunders best friend, lightning! Wow. You have to understand, it took us the better part of an hour to get where we were. We were newbies on kayaks! What added to our since of panic wasn’t just the fact we might be caught in the middle of a lake, ON KAYAKS!!, in a thunderstorm with lightning dropping all over the place. Our tent was uncovered. Who in the world wants a wet sleeping bag? So, we raced the storm. It took 20 minutes & two big blisters to get across the lake, in a head wind to boot! It was a miracle. My oldest was sitting up front dragging his hand in the water during the race, I was like dude! It’s absolute bliss to be a kid. We made it. With about 15 minutes to spare. That with God’s help. So we packed up and went on an excursion to the Blakely Mountain Dam.

Following are a few pictures. Enjoy!

Camping is never complete…

I wonder what the joke was?

Again, if you do not get out. Consider it.

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Camping strengthens families.

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

We’re about to leave on another family camping trip. This will be our first “out of Texas” adventure. We are still newbies considering this is only our second year. Our boys have taken to it as if it’s the best thing ever. It’s what they want for there birthdays!?


J & H


The point of the title is, if done right, camping can strengthen your family. There is something about getting away from the comforts of your home and “roughing” it for a few days. It isn’t just getting “close to nature” though that is really cool. Waking up to the sound of hundreds of song birds waking up (warning, this is at first light), it’s glorious! My favorite time is after the sun drops below the horizon. No city lights. The Milky Way is poured out across the sky.


below the horizon


OK. Back to the point. It’s taking time away from work, routine, home business, slowing down. You see your spouse and kids, talk to them, do stuff with them, and share in a safe hardship. The memories you take away from those few days are timeless, priceless. We like to do this. We’ve been out five times now.

Not to mention the obvious, the pictures add a dimension to our photo books. We have to recommend doing this too. It keeps the memories within hands reach. We can be easily distracted and forgetful. When things are tough in your family, looking through pictures & remembering can be a balm.


I know some people do not like to get outdoors. I wonder if they’ve just not had a good experience. Or just have no idea. God bless them. This is a photography blog, so, one photo point. Take a camera. The pictures will be treasured.

Click here for a list of Texas state parks. Every terrain is represented.



Hope we’ve convinced you.


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P.S. When camping I think I miss my Pandora One the most.