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Servando & Kenia’s wedding day

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

When a man marries a woman, they begin a new civilization. All things are new. And there is a lot of joy. We love weddings and consider it a pleasure to be a part of so many. The following pictures are from Servando & Kenia’s wedding day. We hope you enjoy!

The dress was purchased at Milan Bridal.

The venue was Agave Road. Absolutely beautiful.

You had to be there to appreciate these kids. They were just going on about the rose petals… they were too cute!

The Mariachi band!! Being a big fan of world music this was a treat. They were Mariachi Origen Y Tradicion. Very professional & good musicianship.

It was a fun & beautiful wedding. Praying God’s best for Ser & Kenia.

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Paul & Amy Bodie’s Wedding

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Every wedding is special. When a man & woman say “I Do”, the possibilities are endless. It’s the beginning, I’ve heard someone say, of a small civilization. A family. This years weddings have been rich. By rich I mean full of life. Our most recent wedding, Paul & Amy’s, was extra special. I’ve known Amy’s family for 20+ years. Watched her son grow up and become a man. And now to see her marry a man who so obviously loves her with abandon is a crazy blessing. Following is just a snapshot of what happened. Enjoy!







This surprised me & Mr Cooper. Ha!

Thank you Amy & Paul for the blessing of seeing you united in marriage. Praying God’s best for you two.

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Lamar & Casey Mueller’s wedding

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Lamar and Casey Mueller were married on July 30th. You can tell when someone is in love. Look for it in the images that follow. You’ll be blessed!


black and white wedding photography

The reception venue was at The Meridian. It was lovely.

The following pictures are from our photo booth. This was our first attempt! We had been wanting to offer this as an option for awhile and Casey e-mailed us about two weeks before the wedding asking if we could do it. Well, it rocked.

 Above was the flower girl. She was the queen of the photo booth.

We always are always learning, even on the job. One of the notes from this wedding was bigger photo booths. The groomsmen were a riot.

And the bridesmaids were brilliant!

We REALLY ENJOYED being a part of Casey & Lamar’s wedding day! Yes, we say that about all weddings. We love our job!

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